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In today's market it's more important than ever for a homeowner to put their “best foot forward” when offering their home for sale. Sellers must differentiate themselves from a sea of competition. Buyers are now able to take their time looking at properties and comparing the merits of each. The goal for the seller is to have a stand-out product that buyers will remember.

So what is a seller to do? Simply put, staging! Staging gives buyers a taste of what is possible and leaves them wanting more. Clean, uncluttered, properly arranged homes sell faster, and for more money, than a home that is not “staged”. If you were going to sell your car, what would you do? You'd detail it! You would remove the food wrappers, papers, and the miscellaneous items that accumulate as a natural by-product of “living” in your car. You would buff and shine that car. Why wouldn't you do the same for your home? The way we “live” and the way we “sell” are two different things.

Our Staging Evaluation Service is free to our listing clients, and is easily a $350.00 value. Call Sonya, our on-site Certified Staging Professional, for more details.

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